Vincent De Lima Fitness


Founder, Director, Teacher

From the early age of 8 Vincent had already been surrounded by the arts, it was here he began training in music and studying the Clarinet and Saxophone. He progressed with his music and decided to take his training and discipline in the arts a step further by studying various Dance forms, including Bollywood, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Street Dance and Kathak. Over the years he has further enhanced his versatility by travelling globally and performing in over 20 countries. Learning from some of the worlds leading companies and choreographers including Kathak training under Urja Desai Thakore (disciple of legendary dancer and choreographer Dr. Kumudini Lakhia) since 2008. He has performed with artists such as Shah Rukh Khan and Malika Sherwat (Cannes Film Festival 2015).

Vincents keens interest in Dance and Fitness lead him to teaching and helping others. He began teaching with major companies such as Virgin Active, David Lloyd, Fitness first and Pure gym etc. As his love and passion for teaching grew he too expanded and knew he could give back even more thus creating Vincent De Lima Fitness in 2016. Currently Vincent is working on projects to help his clients further launching De Lima Personal Training and De Lima Demand; reaching a wider audience and helping others look, move and feel better. Vincent De Lima Fitness is proud to support charities CAFOD, St Luke’s Hospice and Bal Asha Trust Mumbai by hosting several charity events through the year. Twice a year we host our fitness weekends at beautiful locations, adding sun sea and sand to our timetable, we invite our clients to join us in Spain and Morocco this year!


Operations Manager, Teacher

Kyle has been immersed in the performing arts since the age of 9, studying acting, dance and musical theatre. He grew up in Belfast and performed in various shows such as Oklahoma, the King and I, Shakespeare productions (various), and other short movies/music videos. Kyle has not only been performing for several years but has choreographed for numerous artists such as Kitty Brucknell from the X Factor and others. He also has been the founder and co-director of his own theatre company Deviant Productions, selling out shows across Ireland. Combining his outgoing personality and excellent dance training (BA Hons in Dance) where he studied Jazz, Street dance, Ballet, Contemporary, modern, Yoga, Bollywood and much more, he is excited to be one of the VDLF teachers and to help members look, move and feel better.



Kamila has been passionately involved in dance and fitness from a young age, finding her dancing feet in Zumba in 2012. Getting hooked on the health and excellent mental benefits of exercise, she achieved her level 2 training in Exercise To Music and Aqua Fitness. She also introduced the young ones to dance and fitness through Zumba Kids and gained great support through older generation via a lower intensity Zumba Gold.

Wanting something with more "umph", she discovered STRONG by Zumba, where the toning and HIIT moves synced perfectly to the music. She fell in love with this and had been a STRONG instructor as of April 2017, and it's now ready to deliver this one of a kind training with the beat to the VDLF members.

“In that hour nothing matters but movement and rhythm....absolutely love this class.”
- Jess

“If you love to dance and want to burn loads of calories at the same time then this is THE class to do!!!”
- Shraddha

“Fantastic feeling even though I’m in pain as I haven’t worked out these muscles for years. ”
- Priti

“Excellent, so much fun!!!”
- Kalpna

“It’s where I release any tension - I forget about everything and have a good time.”
- Sally

“Great for toning and strength, perfect for anyone who does a lot of cardio but not so confident with weights.”
- Mary

“Invigorating you just want to come back for more...”
- Heena

“Kyle is a great yoga teacher with positive vibes .. capable, fun.”
- Maria

“Always come out refreshed and relaxed after Kyle’s classes.”
- Elizabeth

“All I can say is WOW. Worked every inch of my body.”
- Sapna

“First time at this class and I loved it!”
- Lisa

“Zumba is so much fun that you don’t even realise your exercising!”
- Sarla

“Great new tracks... as always Vincent knows how to make us move!”
- Yoshita

“Excellent class very rejuvenating and focused.”
- Samira

“Awesome class! Lots of energy - just what you need.”
- Zainib

“Di biz!!!”
- Jenni

“Amazing class as always – love it!”
- Sandra

“Awesome class Full of energy and good start to the weekend.”
- Anita