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Hey! I want to say massive welcome to the PRO Members Area.

I’m SO excited to get you started, this is going to be an absolutely amazing, life changing journey for you.

My name is Vincent De Lima and I’m the creator of the PRO Membership Program that you have just enrolled in and I want to start you right here, because your journey starts right now!

I’m so happy you are here and hope you love it as much as we love helping people lose fat, get more confident and help them transform their lives! I started Vincent De Lima Fitness 5 years ago in London UK; changing peoples lives in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. I hear stories all the time about how our workouts and dance classes help, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. 

Now we are all in this together and working out with you is so much fun, so be ready to laugh with us, let yourself go and have loads of fun!

Lot’s of love,


Everything you need is on this page! However the content on the apps is locked down and personalised to you.

We are going to show you many benefits of the PRO membership and how you can get stuck in. Don’t worry we will keep it as simple as possible by giving you a step-by-step process to follow, all we need you to do is to be completely immersed in it and commit to it and take absolute action. You can dip in and out of any of these benefits, but if you’re like me, you would want to make full use of all that is on offer.

So, are you up for it...? Of course you are!

The physical sessions are important, but remember this is a lifestyle change AND a nutrition change. You’re not going to get the results on this unless you commit fully to the program. We can motivate you and I’m going be here for you, we are on hand if you have any questions.

To your success!

Start Here

Please follow our guide below to get you setup. DO NOT miss any steps as we want to make sure you get full use out of this program. There is a lot of content and support available to you. Get stuck in!


1. Please request to join the ‘PRO Members - Vincent De Lima Fitness’ Facebook group (link below)

Download the apps from the LINKS section below.

2. Vincent De Lima Fitness App: From there you can manage your classes and book onto events, check the current timetable, purchase items from the shop and get some health and fitness tips from us.

3. De Lima Coaching Academy App: Input your Data Metrics and Photos into the ‘Data’ Tab.

To make sure you get incredible results we are bringing you the latest science and knowledge about Nutrition and Exercise via the De Lima Coaching Academy App. Here is where we will be able to assign you challenges and tasks to complete, keep tab on your progress and store information about your fitness journey. You can also ask Vincent coaching questions. We run challenges throughout the year, we will notify you if you want to take part!

4. BONUS: De Lima On Demand App – Take classes with us anywhere, at anytime. Sessions available in Dance, Strength and Balance. Stay fit whilst you are on vacation or if something comes up and you can’t make it to class.


5. Check out the PRO Membership Kick Start Guide of the classes we suggest you take depending on what your fitness goals are, have a look, any questions just shout.

6. Oh! And on the PRO Membership Kick Start Guide you will also find the class “Rules” section. It’s all our top tips on getting the most out of our classes.

7. As members you get Up to 25% off Events, Masterclasses & Workshops. Check out the Events tab on the app or at www.vincentdelima.com/events. Come and try something different!

8. Reboot, recharge, refocus! Make time to breathe, relax and rebalance on your next retreat with De Lima Escapes – check out the latest fitness retreats at www.delimaescapes.com

9. Members Only Events – Work Hard, Play Hard! Stay tuned and get booked on! 


10. Book your Body Composition Analysis Test & Health MOT. Go beyond the scale and see how you're changing from the inside out by analysing your fat, muscle, and water in less than a minute. See what you are made of. Book your monthly appointment on the link below.

11. Weekly Review Form – This form is ONLY to be completed as part of the Academy Challenges

BONUS CONTENT – The freshest health and fitness inspiration. Keep up to date on the latest fitness industry trends, insights and research.

Vincent De Lima Fitness App

A 1-2-1 experience in a group environment.

Taught by superstars who inspire and ignite. More than workout classes, they’re experiences. Super-motivating workouts each week with targeted exercise to torch body fat, tone your muscles & problem areas to leave you stronger, slimmer & full of energy.

De Lima Coaching Academy App (DLCA)

We will personally coach you through nutrition to make it simple, easy and enjoyable. No diet, just healthy eating you and your whole family can enjoy so you feel great and see results for the long term.

We'll provide you with tons of recipes, meal plans & shopping lists so there is no guesswork and you can do this eating foods you like. As your coaches we will be there for you in our private online group 24/7 for the entire programme to answer questions and give you all the extra support you need!

BONUS: De Lima On Demand App

The hottest music & moves streaming straight to you! Workout with us, without leaving your home!

The hottest music & moves streaming straight to you! Workout with us, without leaving your home! Choose from a variety of Strength, Cardio, HIIT, Flexibility, Core, Dance, Yoga and BARRE videos. Workout anywhere, anytime with the best music, choreography and hottest moves by world class instructors.

Request Access to Facebook Group

Request Access to Facebook Group

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Please also find downloadable resources below which we will use on the Academy.



Book Body Composition Test & Health Check

Complete Weekly Review Form

View Review Form

Contact Information

To get answers to urgent questions please use the ‘Messages’ tab in the De Lima Coaching Academy App.

All membership questions please email members@vincentdelima.com.

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Reboot, Recharge, Refocus !

Make time to breathe, relax and rebalance on your next retreat with De Lima Escapes.

Our fitness retreats focus on health and wellness through physical exercise and fun adventures.

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