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Want to make 2019 the year to make a change?

Want to make a change in a non-judgemental and fun environment?

No gimmicks, no shakes, no pills. Just sensible eating and exercise. We have over 20 classes a week in Colindale, Kingsbury and Edgware.

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Real members. Real change. Together with their teachers, these VDLF members break records, tear down walls, and unlock the extraordinary. Watch them make impossible happen.

Vincent De Lima Fitness

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“Feeling really energised, motivated & toned. It’s that 1 hour in the day where you just take your mind off everything”

- Kelly & Sally

Vincent De Lima Fitness

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“I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes. Gained confidence in how i look & feel”

- Kastur

Vincent De Lima Fitness

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“I’ve lost 22kgs in total! Quitting is not an option”

- Sapna


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“In that hour nothing matters but movement and rhythm....absolutely love this class.”
- Jess

“If you love to dance and want to burn loads of calories at the same time then this is THE class to do!!!”
- Shraddha

“Fantastic feeling even though I’m in pain as I haven’t worked out these muscles for years. ”
- Priti

“Excellent, so much fun!!!”
- Kalpna

“It’s where I release any tension - I forget about everything and have a good time.”
- Sally

“Great for toning and strength, perfect for anyone who does a lot of cardio but not so confident with weights.”
- Mary

“Invigorating you just want to come back for more...”
- Heena

“Kyle is a great yoga teacher with positive vibes .. capable, fun.”
- Maria

“Always come out refreshed and relaxed after Kyle’s classes.”
- Elizabeth

“All I can say is WOW. Worked every inch of my body.”
- Sapna

“First time at this class and I loved it!”
- Lisa

“Zumba is so much fun that you don’t even realise your exercising!”
- Sarla

“Great new tracks... as always Vincent knows how to make us move!”
- Yoshita

“Excellent class very rejuvenating and focused.”
- Samira

“Awesome class! Lots of energy - just what you need.”
- Zainib

“Di biz!!!”
- Jenni

“Amazing class as always – love it!”
- Sandra

“Awesome class Full of energy and good start to the weekend.”
- Anita